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This is a picture I took with my Android in front of a mural on Harrison and 8th streets, San Fran in the Spring of 2013.  I think it captured my aura, kind’o.  Serious but a half smile says volumes.  Don’t you think? My dark sunglasses to keep the mystery. Well, it was a sunny day too!  I’m not gonna keep it much on the under in my blog and I will tell some real life drama of my experiences.  Some will amaze you, I hope, but it’ll be the facts from my memories going back as far as I can remember.  Of course, I wont just be just talking about me all the time in my blog.  I’m very interested in current events, especially this very dramatic point in time of man’s history with what’s going on the world over.  I for one can see we are going through a time of change in the world that affects us all, no matter where we live and I want to give my opinion and am anxious to hear yours.  For today, I just want welcome everyone to my blog while I explore, or rather, put together this blog on day 1.


One thought on “Welcome To My Blog

  1. Let me start off by telling you a bit about myself: I was born in Puerto Rico in 47. In 51 my family took a DC3 or something like that, I know it was a small twin engine plane from Trans Caribbean Airlines, the airline most Puertoricans used at the time, to La Guardia Airport in New York City. Our point of destination – El Barrio, better known to others as Spanish Harlem in East Harlem. It was then a divided neighborhood with the Boricua section on the east side and Italianos on the west. On the north side was los Negros part of Harlem. We lived in one of the larger rooms of an apartment that we shared with another family on 104th and Madison Ave. It was here that I saw a television for the first time. I remember it had a small screen. We all gathered ’round to watch the Jackie Gleason Show. I dug the fireworks and the synchronized choreography burlesque type dancers. The cameras were set pointing down as the dancers formed circles within circles and moved their arms and legs to make these really cool kaleidoscope-like images. Baseball games and Boxing were the sports of the times on TV. Buck Connel, baseball commentator loved our community. Monday Night Fights promoted by Gillette razorblades promoted our boxing champs and favorites. Legends like Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray, Kid Gavilan, Chocolate, and Paret. I’ve been hooked on the sport of boxing ever since!

    Hello again! So…to continue, from 104th street we moved up to 109th and Madison where the building we lived in still has white enamel paint on a window sill up on the top floor to this day where someone in our shared pad spilled it while painting as they drank beer, joked around – a regular house painting party! Well, seems somebody laid the full can of paint on the window sill and it got knocked over onto a black car parked just below. It just so happened that two men on their way to a wedding dressed in tuxedos were walking by and were next to the car when the paint splashed over both drenching them in paint. Of course a collection among the painting crew was made to pay for the ruined tux and for new ones and so on. Next time I visit the city I just have to take a picture of that sill. My parents made some very good close friends on 109th and kept contact with for many years after we all moved away.

    From there we moved to the heart of El Barrio, 107th Street near Lexington and Park. Across the street from our apartment was La Casita Maria, a community center where all the kids went to after school and watched Farmer Grey cartoons and Hopalong Cassidy. We even went to summer camp where I almost drowned jumping of a diving board into deep water although I didn’t even know how to swim. I got pulled out very quickly though! I sure enjoyed that camp. Anyway, let me tell you more about El Barrio of that time and the street gangs – the Puerto Rican gang of my block was The Dragons and they were constantly at war with Italiano gangs, some from the other side of Central Park.

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