I am not an Egyptian, Muslim, nor from

I am not an Egyptian, Muslim, nor from the Middle East. I am not present there to observe first hand the Arab Spring. I wish I could be there to see for myself. Only then can I really make an intelligent  assessment. People here (The West) have a way of seeing everything through eyes of a Westerner.  But the world just isn’t like that and our way isn’t the only and perfect way because of how different parts of the world developed politically, historically, economically, and culturally. I can say that from what I can make out the people of Egypt know what they want and it isn’t being dictated to by any man, any foreign or domestic power, nor any religious institution included. In my eyes those aren’t any barbaric, nomad, Islamic fanatics but pretty much politically mature, which is more than I can say for most European and American citizens and the leaders they choose who are more beholden to the corporations than to their constituents.

*I wrote this comment in response to current news about The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mursi ouster as President of Egypt. I feel that the events taking place in Cairo is one of the most significant ones of the Arab Spring because here the people have managed keep control over their revolution and decide which direction this revolution will take.  The MB had managed to take advantage of the power vacuum created when Mubarak was forced out.  But what they didn’t count on was that the protesters at “Tahgrer” Square didn’t just go away and were not about to let it slip from them. So, it goes on because what occurred recently was proof of who is, and always has been, the real power in Egypt is the military elite. Both they and the MB know it. It is the MB that will try to exploit that fact and the protesters, for now, are using the military to their advantage and will try to co-opt it into a democratic political system later on.


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