Obama veiled threats to Egypt’s military

Of course we know that the most important objective of the USA government in the Middle East is control of the petroleum resources and the one way to do it is by controlling the governments of the region. If accepting, supporting, or funding, Islamist fundamentalist regimes does the job then it’s all good. All that talk about democracy and having the interests of the people at heart is…well you know, a bunch of crap. At the moment it’s in the interest of the USA to put Egypt’s military leaders on notice using subliminal threats, in order to bend it to its will just as previous leaders, like Sadat and Mubarak. Beside oil the defense of Israel is just as important. Israel is the West’s foothold there. Israel is strategically important …the West’s foot soldiers on the ground…the name of the game is control of vast oil and gas deposits. The people in “Tahrier” Square know it and they know what they want and don’t want…Western imperialism is first on the list. I support the people of Egypt who are standing on the threshold change and real control over the state.  That may not fit in with the interests of the West’s corporate controlled governments.


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